Intro to Triathlon: What They Don’t Tell You

Intro to Triathlon: What They Don’t Tell You Ever wondered what you’re thinking about getting into as a beginner triathlete? What’s the first race like? What do you need to get through it? How does one even prepare for one of these? Which race do you do as your first? Here’s VibeOn’s very own, Tiffany O’Reilly, sharing some of her first experience and what to expect! Those closest to me know me as a bit of a ‘cliff jumper’, so this episode will dive into mistakes I made as a rookie and share what not to do. As more of a ‘act now apologize later’ type of personality, I jumped (pun intended) right into the world of triathlons without a second thought. My first race, which was located out on the eastern shore of Maryland, was in early October (mistake...

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