About Us

Kim Anderson, Daytona Beach, FL

After spending 16 years working Corporate IT jobs, Kim and her husband decided to head to Florida with plans to retire there eventually. Kim knew she could always take another corporate job or could do what frightened me most, risk everything, and venture out on her own. Thus, VibeOn was created!
Physical activity has always been part of Kim’s life, starting at the age of 10. Sports included gymnastics through college, roller and figure skating and then venturing out into the world of triathlon and even obtaining her certification for yoga instruction at an actual ashram in Charlottesville, VA. Given her passion for fitness and staying active, going after a focus of health, wellness and fitness just made sense. Sharing this with others through multiple channels is what has driven her ever since.

Tiffany O’Reilly, Purcellville, VA

As a kid, Tiffany was of the very active (and possibly hyperactive lol) variety. Sitting still was a foreign concept and has remained that way through adulthood. Tiffany began gymnastics at an early age and continued through high school competitively. Though never a ‘master’ of any one sport, she pretty much excelled at anything she tried – soccer, softball, weight lifting and eventually rowing through high school and college as well. Exercise became an outlet and chance to decompress from every day stressors and Tiffany began to see the benefits no matter what the activity.

As a young adult, Tiffany learned of her father’s lymphoma diagnosis and decided a way to contribute and learn more about the disease would be to become a part of ‘Team in Training’ and do so by racing in a triathlon while fundraising throughout the training. Though injury prohibited Tiffany from racing in the main event, that didn’t deter her from becoming hooked on the sport of triathlon. What the injury did do, however, was spark a passion for injury prevention and eventually going back to school for biomechanics and physical therapy.

Once her degree was completed, she jumped back into racing full speed (no pun intended), completed multiple ironman races, qualified for USAT national and world championships and began coaching others and help them achieve their goals.

Today, Tiffany has surrounded herself w/ what she calls her ‘care team’ which includes coaches, trainers, physicians, manual therapists and acupuncturists, just to name a few. The importance of self-care was realized as additional life stressors began to creep in – and recovery (both mental and physical) wasn’t happening as it should. Taking some time off to focus on healing and gain more understanding of the roles of self-care play, pieces have begun to fall back into place. Tiffany shares Kim’s passion of community and sharing experiences and our education with others.

Together @ VibeOn:
Tiffany and Kim have been friends for close to 20 years – connecting first in the pool and learn to competitively swim as an adult. We both grew up as active kids and share the philosophy of an active lifestyle is a healthy and happy one. Whether we were swimming, biking, practicing yoga or simply just drinking wine on the porch by the pool (after a workout of course), we’ve always enjoyed our days together.
We decided to start this community to provide a place for people to meet and discuss training for triathlons and other distance events. We’re two fun and crazy women that decided to combine what we do best to provide this space for people to receive information from her experiences and connect and become a community. I hope you all enjoy this site and look forward to connecting with all of you.

Our favorite quotes:

“Believe in yourself & you will be unstoppable.” – unknown
“Anything is Possible” – Ironman (WTC)

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